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Our Solution

We Track:
  • 1. Body temperature
  • 2. Blood oxygen levels
  • 3. Breaths per minute
  • 4. Resting heart rate
  • Detect signs of potential infection early
  • Keep business open
  • Mitigate liability

During the pandemic, sales of at-home thermometers and pulse oximeters (which detect blood oxygen levels) have increased. The Apple Watch Series 6, with its ability to read blood oxygen levels from the wrist, makes this important vital sign even more accessible.

COVIDcloud allows employees to optionally share only the last two weeks of these readings with their employer from their own personal HeartCloud.io accounts.

Red Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch

Measures Resting Heart Rate

Measures Blood Oxygen Levels1

Wireless thermometer


Measures Body Temperature

Pulse oximeter

Pulse Oximeters

Measures Blood Oxygen Levels

1 Series 6

HeartCloud Sync HeartCloud Sync

By monitoring day-to-day trends among your resting heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, respiration rate, and symptoms, you can directly see if things are stable ... and if they’re not, then you can reach out to your healthcare provider with data to justify testing and evaluation.

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